Rajiv Srivastava

Founder & Director Imazin India Corp Pvt. Ltd.

Born in Roing district of Arunachal Pradesh, India Rajiv Srivastava is a passionate landscape photographer based in Noida, Delhi. Determined to capture and showcase the beauty, richness and uniqueness of India he founded lmazin India. In his quest he has travelled from heartlands of India, between peaks and dunes, between rock and sand, beyond the obvious commonalities to not so imaginary visual spaces. According to him, photography is not just about endurance and contemplation but an act of making a photograph is also an understanding of love.

His Lens is His Eye, Just as His Eye is His Camera Lens.

Following a stint in fashion photography assisting ace photographer Tarun Vishwa, he moved on to create a world that is not his creation, yet one uniquely his own which he has created.

At young age of 28 years he held his first solo exhibition "Within Without" in India Visual Art Gallery of Indian Habitat Centre, inaugu-rated by non-other than renowned Director Mr Mahesh Bhatt.

Srivastava has gone on to do group exhibition with famous Indian photographer Raghu Rai too. He has consciously covered wide range of social issues of India to raise awareness and support cause with his special skills, 'SOS Ladakh' show for raising funds for people of Ladakh affected by flash floods, charitable exhibition on AUTISM, 'Save The Girl Child' exhibition with Oman Embassy are few notable ones.

In recent years he has expanded his horizon by working on Aviation and Adventure sport projects in India and aboard.

  • "WITHIN WITHOUT" (that flaunted the rocky Ladakh passes and unveiled the golden sand dunes of Rajasthan) Inaugurated by the renowned Director- Mr. Mahesh Bhatt at Indian Habitat Center, NEW DELHI.
  • SAVE THE GIRL CHILD in association with OMAN EMBASSY, held at Oman embassy.
  • Charitable exhibition on AUTISM- inaugurated by the then UNION MINISTER Mr. Anand Sharma.
  • An exhibition "FREEDOM" with ace photographer Raghu Rai in Collab-oration with Navya Art Gallery.
  • INDIA exclusive at Shanghai Consulate.
  • An exhibition dedicated to famous ghats of Banaras which have always enticed him.

In the Greek phos meaning ‘light’ and graphe meaning ‘drawing’ together meaning’ drawing with light’ is a photographer.

Rajiv Srivastava is in this sense a true photographer who not just writes but draws with light. His journey in creating his piece of art from idea to final presentation is of patience, physical and emotional triumph.

Srivastava finds true happiness and satisfaction in just one perfect click which comes after emotionally and physical toil. Hard work sitting still in wilderness, hanging up and digging deep to get the perfect shot is what he loves and does to make absolute justice to his subject. This is why he is recognised as a professional photographer who always manages to stun his viewers with his work.